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RECAPO Solar Systems has been established as the leading supplier of affordable, renewable and clean energy solutions for rural and peri-urban households. The company has received support and commendations from various organizations including World Bank Institute on Climate Change, US African Development Foundation, Ministry of Energy and Mining, Cancer Association of Malawi among others for its product and its business model; a Pay-As-You-Go electricity solution. We value our customers dearly,and we have established a strong team of installers and customer support in Lilongwe and Blantyre that provide quick response to customer inquiries and problems. RECAPO is the proud winner of 2015 SEED Awards hosted by UNEP, UNDP, IUCN. In 2016; RECAPO was named one of the Top 50 Most Significant and Sustainable businesses in Africa by the African Entrepreneurship Award ​


About Malawi and the problem of access to electricity
18.6 million Population of Malawi
16 million People living without electricity
18% Lowest electricity access rate in Southern Africa
2% Rural households with access to electrity
Rural Household Accessing Electricity

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